The 10 Best Companies to Work For in the Bay Area

The Bay Area of California is famously home to some of the country’s best workplaces and most innovative companies. For Fortune’s annual list of the best companies to work for in the region, research and consulting firm Great Place to Work surveyed thousands of employees, to bing you the creme de la creme of workplaces in the area—each one with a unique assortment of great perks, camaraderie, and most critically, uplifting workplace cultures.

1. Salesforce

Courtesy of Salesforce
Number of U.S. employees: 17417
Industry: Information Technology
U.S. headquarters: San Francisco
Major locations in Bay Area: San Francisco
Number of locations: 59
Employees say:
“When things aren’t going as planned, people are encouraged to call it out and help drive the necessary change to make things better. This creates a culture of innovation, with people striving to find new ways to solve our biggest pain-points.”
“The people at Salesforce genuinely care about each other, their communities, and the company. Many people are particularly inspired by our CEO who encourages us all to contribute to the world around us in meaningful ways, both personally and professionally. I am very proud to work for a company that embodies the ideals of equality and that allows all employees to bring their whole selves to work. I would also like to give a shoutout to our amazing benefits program, which includes fertility benefits such as support for IVF treatments, etc.”

2. Cooley

Courtesy of Cooley
Number of U.S. employees: 1892
Industry: Professional Services
U.S. headquarters: Palo Alto, Calif.
Major locations in Bay Area: Palo Alto, San Francisco
Number of locations: 10
Employees say:
“The Cooley Culture is contagious. Management sincerely cares about its employees and provides training, support and mentorship. The atmosphere is collaborative from support staff to management. Employees are rewarded for their stellar efforts.”
“Cooley has a culture of inclusion and open communication. We want everyone in the firm to understand where we are going as a firm and why. We feel strongly that communication is empowering. The best example of that is the annual state of the firm presentations by our CEO, Administrative Partner and CFO. Over the course of two weeks in mid-to late February they travel to every office to present the prior year’s results and to preview the coming year from a strategic and financial perspective. EVERY employee in the firm is invited to attend to hear from firm leadership in great detail how Cooley is doing and what the firm hopes to achieve together going forward. The level of detail and transparency is remarkable and likely unmatched among the leading law firms with whom Cooley competes.”

3. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
Number of U.S. employees: 8265
Industry: Hospitality
U.S. headquarters: San Francisco
Major locations in Bay Area: San Francisco
Number of locations: 116
Employees say:
“The people here are incredible! I’ve never felt so connected to and supported by a manager as I have here. Managers here believe in their employees and truly want to see them grow and learn within the company.”
“Kimpton really truly allows me to be my authentic self. It’s difficult to measure the value of the freedom to be me but I can sincerely say it has made me a better employee and I would even say those around me agree. If I need a couple of minutes to reconnect, I am free to grab a yoga mat and stretch or meditate or do whatever I need to do to refocus. This ability for everyone to be themselves makes it seem like everyone is on the same playing field. Upper management is so open and the comfort level afforded by that makes it encouraging to speak to them directly without having to follow a chain of command.”

4. Workday

Courtesy of Workday
Number of U.S. employees: 5473
Industry: Information Technology
U.S. headquarters: Pleasanton, Calif.
Major locations in Bay Area: Pleasanton
Employees say:
“We are blessed to have a culture that supports its people on a daily basis. This includes career development, training, assistance with customer issues and problem solving, support for wellbeing and a true desire to see people be successful.”
“Workday retains a culture that truly does care about its people. I say people instead of employees, because we’re treated that way. We’re encouraged to balance our work lives and our personal lives. The company doesn’t take itself too seriously, while knowing that we are still going above and beyond to get our work done and deliver. Our conferences provide a sense of community while making sure are all up to date on what the company is doing to improve and grow.”

5. Accenture

Courtesy of Accenture
Number of U.S. employees: 50000
Industry: Professional Services
U.S. headquarters: New York City
Major locations in Bay Area: San Francisco
Employees say:
“The consistent level of intelligence throughout the entire organization, when combined with the most collaborative working environment and interesting professional challenges possible, make the firm a delight to go to work for every day of the week.”
“I truly appreciate the visible and intentional focus over the last 5 years on ‘social responsibility’ — from programs like Skills-to-Succeed, Junior Achievement, Pro-bono non-profit support all the way through to our (more recent and outward) position on achieving more diversity, better work/life balance, etc. This social responsibility, coupled with our desire and execution to do always do great work for our clients, is what makes Accenture a great company to work for.”

6. SAP America

Courtesy of SAP America
Number of U.S. employees: 18379
Industry: Information Technology
U.S. headquarters: Newtown Square, Pa.
Major locations in Bay Area: Palo Alto, San Francisco
Number of locations: 59
Employees say:
“I am extremely proud each time I see SAP participating in a Pride Parade or similar event. Also, the Autism at Work program and our work with refugees is to be commended. We don’t just say we want to help people’s lives run better. We DO IT!”
“I believe what makes SAP unique is its commitment to develop their workforce. They have a myriad of tools and resources that I’ve never experienced in any company I’ve worked for. In addition, SAP is committed to giving back. A lot of companies say they do but SAP commits their money and people energy. I love the month of service in the fall but was especially happy to hear they’ve expanded the program outside of the single month of service. It makes me proud to work here.”

7. Zillow Group

Courtesy of Shidume Lozada/Zillow Group
Number of U.S. employees: 2908
Industry: Information Technology
U.S. headquarters: Seattle
Major locations in Bay Area: San Francisco
Number of locations: 8
Employees say:
“Everyone is really open to collaboration, regardless of seniority or experience. Everyone’s ideas are taken into account and everyone is really focused on the same goal of creating the best product and experience for our customers and users.”
“The executives’ transparency is unlike anything I’ve seen at other companies. We have much more access to ask them questions and get candid updates on what’s happening in the company versus anywhere else I’ve worked. Also, the responsiveness to our internal survey feedback is prompt; management takes our opinions very seriously and implements new programs to meet our demands for benefits and other desired improvements quite fast for an organization of this size. I also feel energized by our executives’ passion for the industry and our upcoming initiatives and their willingness to share progress with us at quarterly meetings. It makes me proud to work here and excited for the future.”

8. GoDaddy

Courtesy of GoDaddy
Number of U.S. employees: 4851
Industry: Information Technology
U.S. headquarters: Scottsdale, Ariz.
Major locations in Bay Area: Sunnyvale, San Francisco
Number of locations: 19
Employees say:
“GoDaddy takes measures to ensure that everyone enjoys their role. They’re a realistic company that lets you have fun but also expects you to work hard. Employees are encouraged to bring new things to the table without being afraid to do so.”
“The most striking thing is that the executives really make an effort to be approachable and are involved with every level of the company. Even the CEO and the top HR folks will eventually personally reply to almost every email anyone sends them. A lot of them also work in the same offices as everyone else, next to everyone else, and will often even eat lunch and chat with the rest of the office. Almost everyone has personally met the CEO at least once and he’s great fun to talk to. Joviality aside though, they are very easy to bring up concerns with and involved at every level of the company.”

9. Stryker

Courtesy of Stryker
Number of U.S. employees: 16232
Industry: Manufacturing & Production
U.S. headquarters: Kalamazoo, Mich.
Major locations in Bay Area: San Jose
Number of locations: 188
Employees say:
“Our company focuses on quality and being ethical while ensuring that we deliver products that are innovative and contribute to improving of the quality of life for many around the world. It’s a company that you feel proud about what you are doing.”
“Stryker is, in my opinion, the most generous company that I ever hope to work for. The financial benefits are incredible, but more importantly the focus on employee wellbeing in general is unique. From tuition reimbursement to a tobacco cessation program, all aspects of wellbeing are supported through Stryker. It’s the little things that matter, and Stryker does a great job showing that it cares.”

10. Protiviti

Courtesy of Protiviti
Number of U.S. employees: 2411
Industry: Professional Services
U.S. headquarters: Menlo Park, Calif.
Major locations in Bay Area: Menlo Park, San Francisco
Number of locations: 34
Employees say:
“I really appreciate the mentorship program, in which every person is paired with a network of advisors at different levels (peer, career, executive) allowing all employees to get valuable guidance and feedback.”
“People at Protiviti are genuinely kind and considerate of everyone’s unique circumstances. Employees are encouraged to have a life outside of work, and management works hard to make that possible: whether that’s supporting employees’ other passions and interests through the sabbatical program; designing flexible work schedules for parents (or otherwise); or just through genuine compassion and support during individuals’ more challenging seasons.”
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