3 Steps To The Perfect CV

Does the perfect CV exit? How long should it be? What information should it include? What shouldn’t it include? How personal should it be? Should it include references? Should a CV be tailored every time you apply for a job?
Even the best communicators have difficult writing about themselves. We don’t want to sound arrogant by talking about how great we are and how much experience we have, so often we underestimate ourselves.
With this in mind, my first tip is, forget about your insecurities. This is your chance to show a potential employer just how competent, confident and driven you are – there’s no room for coyness! Be loud and proud.
On average, a potential employer will scan your CV for approximately six-eight seconds and in that time, they will decide if you’re worthy of an interview or not. This means you really need to make a great first impression. Forget the same old CV jargon – be concise and avoid overused buzzwords in your opening paragraph.
This time of year is always huge for jobseekers so here are a few of my top CV tips to help you in your job search;
The two page rule
“How long should my CV be?” If I had a penny for every time I’ve been asked that question… some say it should be one page, some say two, some say three. I’m sticking with two. I think this is enough to get everything you need in there without slacking on content. One page CV’s can be impressive but it makes me feel like there’s something missing – I know I couldn’t fit my CV on to one page!
Make sure you include every relevant piece of information without going overboard with description. There’s no need to waffle – make a point, expand and illustrate how you can use the experience to add value to the role advertised.
Remember that this employer has probably read 100 CVs before yours and is getting a little frustrated. They haven’t got time to read through several pages of pointless waffling.
Be unique
There’s only one of you, remember that when writing your CV. I’m fed up of reading CVs with no colour and no personality. I’m not saying I want to know how many dogs you have and how much you love eating chocolate (that’s a given, surely?) but illustrating passion for what you do and making me believe you really want this job – that could be the difference between me hiring you or not.
Boring, monotonous CVs will lose my concentration and end up in the ‘come back later’ pile. Be yourself and add a little pizzazz, I guarantee you’ll see employer interest improve. 
Tailor it!
This is the holy grail of CV rules. There is absolutely nothing worse than reading a CV that has obviously been mailshotted. This ‘pray and spray’ strategy will never work because it is impersonal, lazy and frustrating for employers.
It is essential that you tailor your CV to every job you’re applying for. No job is the same so why would your application be the same? It’s so obvious when a candidate hasn’t really bothered researching the role or the business and just sends their CV on a whim.
A perfect CV for me outlines clearly and concisely relevant experience, where they can add value to the role and how they intend to go over and above expectations. A friend once told me to remember that every employer WANTS you to be the one. When an employer is reading your CV or interviewing you they WANT you to be great. They’re hoping the right CV will land on their desk so this recruitment process can finish!
Take the time to read the job spec and tailor your CV accordingly. I promise you this will put you at a far better advantage.
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