Looking to switch careers? Your age doesn’t matter as much as this number.

“How old is too old to start a new career?” I hear that question a lot. When I recently saw a LinkedIn member ask this same question, I had to chime in:
What you want to do in your life career-wise has nothing to do with anyone except you and you alone. Boomers retiring, your age, etc… are not factors, but I will tell you what is: MONEY.
Each of us has financial obligations that have to be met month in and month out. Many have family members who are also financially dependent upon them. 
So the real question is: Can you afford to switch careers right now?  
You have to be honest with yourself. Do you have significant savings that can carry you and all your expenses for at least a year?  
If the answer is yes and you really know what you want to do — I say go for it. 
However. Do not, and I repeat do not, take out a significant student loan to go back to school if you need more education for your new career. At this point in your life unless you are guaranteed a job that will pay off those loans, this is not something you want to do.  
Now with all that said, if you are not financially able to do this right now (and if this is something you really want to do), start saving for it right now. Little by little you will get there.
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