A Millennials View on Why Instagram is Better For Brands Than Snapchat

Social media has evolved from an entertainment tool to a marketing medium that companies use to connect with customers. From corporate businesses to small, hometown businesses, social media is used to spread their brand's image and value across everyone's timeline. According to Blue Corona, Inc., Facebook continues to hold the title for the most used social media platform for advertising with 79% of American internet users. However, us millennials are starting to enter into the business world. They are not using Facebook as much as they are using Instagram or Snapchat. They know which app they spend most of our time on and how to reach out to their generation and the generations younger than them. Between Instagram and Snapchat, Instagram is the better app for advertising and connecting with customers.
Let me be clear: Snapchat is definitely a wonderful platform to advertise. However, Instagram has several advantages over Snapchat when it comes to images and videos a company can post. For example, Instagram is a platform where your actually have a home page; a home page where pictures or videos can stay on your profile for people to come back at any time to look at. They do not disappear after 24 hours like on Snapchat. Instagram does have an added feature called an "insta story" which is basically the same thing that Snapchat does. You can post several images or videos that only last 24 hours. However, those Instagram stories can now stay on your home page as well. It seems like Instagram has met Snapchat's standards and exceeded them.
Instagram has now provided the option for businesses to use photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, and/or story ads. Companies are allowed to make their ad post on a specific someone's timeline based on demographics, custom audiences, automated targeting, and a couple of other ways. For example, a local businesses can make their ads reach the exact audience they want by Instagram's location target option. This option makes it to where your target audience is in a specific location like a state, province, city, or country. The company is also allowed to choose how long they want the ad to run and how much money they would be comfortable spending. Instagram tries to make it as painless as possible when it comes to advertisement on their app.
Social media advertising is a very important strategy when you want to have better visibility, engagement, and especially sales. Every company is looking for a better way to connect with their current customers and for ways that they can attract new ones. Because of the many advantages of Instagram, companies have multiple ways to get their name out to the users of the app. Instagram has created several new features in the past couple of years for advertisement and I am curious to see if Instagram could bring anything new to the table this year.
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