32% of millennials would break up with their significant other for a $37,000 raise

Though they're sometimes labeled as "lazy" and "entitled," millennials are actually making significant sacrifices in order to get ahead in their careers. Taking on piles of student debt, living at home and forgoing getting a place of their own are just a few of the ways the millennial generation is making ends meet.
When financial services company Comet surveyed 364 single employed millennials without children, they found that relationships were another area 20 to 36-year-olds were willing to cut back. In fact, 41 percent said they would end a relationship for a promotion.
Millennials are so focused on career advancement, that respondents admitted that they'd be willing to stay single for 11 years, delay marriage for seven years and put off having kids for eight — if it meant getting ahead at work.
But a willingness to sacrifice for their careers does not mean millennials won't' compromise. A whopping 86 percent of respondents said they would move to another city if their beloved was offered a better job.
When it comes to getting a raise, millennials were similarly willing to sacrifice. Almost a third said they would end a relationship for a raise. These workers on average said that a $36,000 raise would convince them to put off having a relationship.
However, convincing them to put off getting married and having kids is significantly more expensive. Respondents said an average raise of $64,000 would be enough to postpone getting hitched, and $67,000 would be enough to delay starting a family.
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