Why Can't We Breathe Equality?

Do you ever wonder why we have both male and female in existence, and not only one of them??
If you are thinking of reproduction and generation thing, let me tell you that there are creatures capable of single parent reproduction and existence.
But still keeping the facts of Darwin’s theory of evolution, mutation in mind. Yes, you are correct. But I feel there’s more to the story...on a wider aspect; because...seriously this can’t be the only reason.
I read it somewhere,
"A man needs a women who can push him. A woman needs a man who can uplift her”
If you take the above quoted notion in a more man-woman, husband-wife or girlfriend-boyfriend way then some of you may agree to it and some might not. Personally, after experiencing the tides a relationship has to go through, I’ll say it’s definitely true.
  • But if you take it in father-daughter, mother-son, brother-sister way I bet everyone will agree to this.
  • A son (man) needs a mother (woman) to push him from his bed for school every morning.
  • A daughter (woman) needs a father (man) to uplift her on her every fall while learning to ride a bicycle.
And when this son-mother, father-daughter synergy doesn’t work out. Then the pair famous for always fighting and being contradictory to each other will come together.
Male or female is just a matter of chromosomes, because at the end we are all beings, human beings!
We don’t need to fight against each other, telling that one gender is superior to other.
There is no survivor selection. Both exist, because both of them have proved themselves strong and fit for survival. Otherwise, the weak one would have gone extinct long ago.
I don’t get it why there is a need of women empowerment and men empowerment to even exist.
Why women need to fight for equal opportunities, equal pay, equal right to choose, equal right to take decision, equal right to live life on their own terms.
Why can’t we breathe equality.
Women are fighting just for the equality. Nothing more, nothing less.
Why can’t the society (which is 48% female) stand on the bricks of equality.
(The above questions were purposely written without a question mark because it’s someone’s voice which wants to be heard, not questioned.)
Lastly I don’t believe in the concept of judging a person’s superiority on the basis of their gender.
No male is above female, no female is above male.
Both are the alternating segments of a chain which when go together make a strong and unbreakable bond.
Superiority can only be fairly determined by an individual’s strength, weakness, attitude, capabilities, and mindset in the respective sector unbiased of judgments made on gender-basis.
I wonder…do you?
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