Vlogging: The next big thing in business

The internet has revolutionized the way we experience the world by giving us a multitude of new ways to communicate. One of those ways is through online video. Until a few decades ago, only a few professionals had the ability and resources to communicate to the masses through the medium of motion picture. Since the invention of the personal camcorder, we have been at work chronicling our lives and experiences.
     So, what is this vlog that has got the world talking? Vlogs allow users to share their videos with the masses over the internet. Vlogging is revolutionizing the way the internet works and gives organizations as well as people an effective way to convey their messages using the ever dynamic, engaging medium of social video networking. Vlogging is a cost-effective and innovative way to increase your brand awareness. Vlogging has become an affordable option for start-ups and small business without stretching their budget much. The reason for this is the rise in video marketing. Besides, it is also an excellent way to engage with the customers directly about your products and services, while enhancing your brand identity as well.
The conversion rate of buying a product also gets stepped up when using vlogging. 64 percent customers said in a certain poll that they have a more likely inclination of trusting videos than they are of a text post and are more likely to make the purchase after watching the video. Just by starting a YouTube channel for your business and filling it with fun, interesting, and informative vlogs related to your company, you can give your customers a sense that they really know you and that they can trust you and your products or services. Here are few ways by which firms can use vlogging to build customer loyalty and help grow its business.
Feature Customer Testimonials
Customers do more online shopping today than ever before, and so they need to know whether they can trust the products and services they’re ordering before the purchase is made.
Even if the products are sold in brick-and-mortar stores, the customers will still most likely be doing their online research before making a purchase. Customer testimonial vlogs show your viewers that you care about customer service and that you provide quality products. They work to build trust and empathy with your brand.
Feature Interviews
Another technique that could prove to be of good use is to create vlogs of industry professionals. Executives in higher management like CEOs, VPs, and other industry experts often have unique and insightful things to say about the industry. Interviews featuring them will also create a connect with the customers and also humanize them.
Featuring recaps of conferences
      People with a keen interest in the industry and keep themselves up to date about the latest gadgets and technologies in the market will be a more than willing audience for any vlog that contains juicy insider information about the industry. Any events and conferences are prime subjects for vlogs and are sure to attract a sizeable audience. These vlogs will provide the customers' info about the new products to be released and will keep them waiting.
YouTube celebrities in Advertising
    Companies are now tying up with a number of famous YouTubers to advertise their products. Youtubers review these products before it is being released in the market. 62% of YouTube subscribers looks up at unboxing videos to research and study a product before buying one, and with the vast majority of these types of videos created by fans and non-branded channels, it makes perfect sense to look for ways to promote using this approach. Securing an endorsement deal with Zoella, Marques Brownlee or other famous YouTubers would be jackpot as they would introduce the company and their products to the enthusiastic audience.   
 Studies have found that by 2017, 74 percent of all internet traffic will be video. And that could increase year after year. [1] So, by starting to vlog now, your business can get ahead of the game. A recent survey showed that 68 percent of marketers feel that video is essential for their business. And the video, like everything else in this industry, will evolve. By setting yourself up as a company that vlogs, you have the chance to become an innovator in this field. Vlogging is slowly changing the way the world works, with the real beauty of this strategy is it really doesn’t cost the earth in terms of marketing budgets.
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