A woman's career is as important as a man's.

I have a rather shocking observation! In the last few years, I have interviewed tens & tens of women for various roles at my company. I always ask every candidate why they are moving out of their current jobs. Many told me because they have relocated to Bangalore, and hence they are looking for a new job. My next question was - 'Why did you relocate to Bangalore?'
More than half of them told me they are shifting to Bangalore because their husbands got a job transfer to the city or secured a new job here. I am left wondering why is it that only women sacrifice their jobs to shift cities in a relationship. Is their career less important?
I'm sorry to say that I'm yet to meet a man who says he is relocating because his wife is getting transferred. Why even in this era of so-called equality does such bias exist? Who is to be blamed here? Men or women or societal baggage?
Update: Previously on a similar thread, I was pleasantly surprised to see many men and women telling incidents where men shifted because of wife's job. This is definitely a healthy trend but still happens rarely.
Many gave reasons that men tend to earn more than women and it was but natural for wives to shift. Few said, it was mutually agreed for the best of the family.
Perhaps, we all need to get to a level playing field, where men and women value their careers equally, get paid equally and follow their dreams equally. We definitely have to go a long way.
I would strongly recommend women to stand up for their career choices, dream big and make it a reality.
Is my observation wrong? How many of you shifted jobs because of your husbands' and wives' relocation?
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