Is candidate satisfaction really achievable for recruiters?

Running a business that helps job seekers means I interact with lots of people who feel an element of frustration with recruitment agencies. Typical complaints revolve around a lack of relationships, not receiving feedback and never knowing why their application wasn’t successful.
Having been a recruiter, I can see both sides of the coin but in most cases I defend the recruitment industry. When there are hundreds of applicants and fees have been squeezed to almost single digits (I remember the days when we could charge 24%), it is simply uneconomical to be spending time with each jobs’ unsuccessful applicants.
When margins have been squeezed and corporates are driving recruitment through automation with less interaction with line managers, recruitment businesses need to cut their cloth accordingly and what often gives is the ‘consultative’ approach to the recruitment service.
Nevertheless, those recruitment businesses that are able to provide an element of candidate care and offer something of value are clearly going to drive better brand loyalty and ultimately turn candidates into clients.
I would be interested in learning about the ways in which recruitment businesses are trying to add some value – if you have any thoughts and feel like participating in a discussion, please pop your two pence worth in the comments.
There’s no question mark over the fact that making candidates feel warm and fuzzy is a good idea, so should recruitment agencies accept the fact that it’s a tough ask and plod along regardless?! If there was a way to add some value and make candidates feel loved, wouldn’t that be great? What if it was also free?
One company that is making big strides in differentiating itself is Woodrow Mercer, a Yorkshire based recruitment business that specialises in Finance Director recruitment across the UK. They have recently started running a series of high quality and CPD certified online career workshops (one-hour webinars) on various topics such as Advanced CV Writing, LinkedIn, Personal Branding and Thought Leadership.
They are using the workshop invitations to start conversations with potential candidates (it’s a good way of reaching out to their database with something a bit more interesting than the standard “are you still looking email”) and the feedback they have had has been really strong. Their candidates are getting relevant and industry-leading advice, but Woodrow Mercer are also able to gain better engagement with Finance Directors through a more quality-driven and sophisticated approach. Through these workshops, they are also driving better quality CVs and LinkedIn profiles which is aiding their fee making potential.
Best of all – this programme of career workshops is free for Woodrow mercer and their candidates!! They are powered by The CV & Interview Advisors we offer this programme to many recruitment businesses, job boards and chartered institutes. Our clients include Big 4 firms and leading international business schools.
If you would like a chat about our programme and how it could help you add value and differentiate your company, please In-mail me, email Matt Craven on or call me on 01274 408 222.
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