Follow Three Strategies to Become Robot-Proof

Like Hansel in the movie Zoolander, robots and automation are “so hot right now.” Books, articles, and television segments on automation, robotics, universal basic income, and the future of work are coming to dominate the Zeitgeist — the spirit of our time. People are becoming increasingly aware that automation and robots are going to be important — and unavoidable — parts of our working and non-working lives. 
Many people wonder: Will robots take all the jobs? Will there by a Robocalypse?

The Future is Between Robocalypse and Robotopia

When people talk about robots and the future of work, they tend to couch the outlook in one of two ways. At one end of the spectrum is the vision of Robocalypse: an apocalyptic future explicitly caused by robots, automation, and artificial intelligence. At the other end of the spectrum, is the vision of Robotopia: a heaven-on-earth future world of leisure, where all work is done for us by the machines.

In-Hand Classroom

The greatest defense against a future Robocalypse is an educated and adaptive workforce. We need to bridge education and skills gaps, and the in-hand classroom is a critical tool to help people survive and thrive during the coming robotic and automation changes to the labor market. Fortunately, access to online courses, certifications, professional designations, Bachelor’s degrees, and Master’s degrees has rapidly expanded. And the future of online education is likely to expand and accelerate further.

Need for More Training to Prepare People

The need for professional education outlets is rising — but there are still significant needs that have yet to be met. In taking a page from my own book, I have become significantly more involved in professional and online education since the release of Jobs for Robots. Since the publication of the first edition in February 2017, I have released a course with LinkedIn Learning on Financial Risk Management — and I have a number of other courses in development with LinkedIn Learning about critical U.S. and global economic indicators.

Prepare Yourself to Be Robot-Proof

You need to prepare for the acceleration of automation and robotics. You need to be robot-proof. But to be on the right side of these changes, you need a strategy to lay the groundwork of your own Robotopia. 
There are three main strategies you can implement to prepare for the inevitable disruption of the labor force by automation:
  • Work in an Evergreen Industry: Gain professional exposure to a career that will be in demand in the automation age. 
  • Continually Learn Valuable Skills: Take advantage of formal and informal education opportunities. Be prepared to learn more.
  • Keep Moving: Put yourself in a position to find opportunities, by changing industries, companies, or geographies.
I will be writing more about these three strategies in future articles. And I would love to hear your feedback about the coming age of automation.
What do you think about Robots, Automation, and AI coming to your workplace and your home?
 -Jason Schenker
This article is an excerpt from Jason Schenker's book, Jobs for Robots.
Jason Schenker is ranked the world's leading Financial Market Futurist. He is the President of Prestige Economics and the Chairman of The Futurist Institute.
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