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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#1 Complaint Every Job Seeker Has Today

When I put a group of job seekers in a room these days and ask them to give me all the words that come to mind when they look for work, here are some of the top responses:
As someone who has spent the last 15+ years of her career trying to educate people on the "new rules" to job search and career development, I understand where they're coming from. In a time when technology is supposed to be the cure-all to our professional challenges, the big black hole of the internet has created anxiety and depression in those trying to find career satisfaction on their own terms.
Here's Why Technology Won't Get You Hired (But, Technique Will)
We have the lowest unemployment in the U.S. in over a decade. People say to me every day, "J.T., why is it soooo hard to get a job when companies are complaining they can't find enough talent?"
Well, here's the hard truth: only 3% of people who apply online ever hear from the employer. The technology hasn't made it easier to find a job, it's made it easier for companies to decide you aren't a fit for their job. Why? Because they don't have a human being looking at your credentials. They let automated systems do the dirty work to weed out candidates that aren't a perfect match. Moreover, 80% of all jobs are gotten via referral. So, if you hate to network (and, most people do!), then finding a job today is about as much fun as getting your teeth pulled without Novocaine.
The good news is, there's a better way to look for work today. Unfortunately, they don't teach it to you in school. And, it's not widely known or understood (yet). It involves taking the very same principals companies use to be successful in today's marketplace. They're just tweaked so that you can use them on your business-of-one.
8 Ways You're Being Shut Out Of The Hiring Process
Like it or not, you need to learn the right techniques for getting hired so that you can A) feel confident and successful in your job search, and B) get the results you want without it taking months and years.
If you want to stop the insanity and start improving the effectiveness of your job search, then you need to learn the 8 ways you are being shut out of the hiring process (click this link to receive my latest free video that explains them). Once you remove these common roadblocks, you will see much better results. And, be a lot happier too!